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The Fleser Pharma GmbH is a company specialized in sales, distribution and marketing of innovative and highly effective products in the field of food supplements, OTC products, cosmetics and medicinal cosmetics.

We have many years of experience and expertise both in the healthcare market as well as in the consumer goods industry. Over the years we have gained extensive experience with health care providers, pharmacies, drugstores, pharmaceutical wholesalers and retailers. This knowledge makes it possible to support companies to cope their challenges in marketing, pricing and distribution strategies.
Be fit, be healthy and feel active - despite age, stress, polluted environment and malnutrition - We can only achieve this which the help of preventive and curative powers of nature. Using the power of nature in the form of herbal preparations, according to formulas that have been proven over the centuries, this goal obliges us.

The quality of our products is our priority. We let our products produce by innovative and certified companies. Thus, the carefully selected raw materials are not damaged and we can offer you an effective product.


We worked for the following companies, helped them by Market Entrance or by sales expansion:
Laboratorios Diafarm, S.A., Spain; DietSKN, Spain; Smart city SA, Luxemburg; Embella GmbH, Germany; Vivid for Life GmbH, Germany; DecouVie GmbH, Germany, Laboratoire DVI, France, Lune Group Oy, Finland; Les Aliments Si-Bon, Canada; Bisal GmbH, Swiss; First Defense Holdings, USA; actrevo GmbH, Germany; Psoriapiel SALUD S.L., Spain; MMJ Labs, USA; Alteya Organics, Bulgaria; Apricot GmbH, Germany; penta-sense GmbH, Germany; Sales del Mar Menor S.L., Spain; Nordic Vision S.L.U., Spain; FürstenMed GmbH, Germany; Lucimed S.A., Belgium; Vitis Traubenkern GmbH, Germany; Corena Therapeutics Sagl, Swiss; ISO Beauty, Netherlands.

In our assortment you will find

- Cosmetic products (Arnidol Gel Stick with arnica and devil's claw)
- Allergy prevention (Allergy Nose Filters FirstDefense)
- Food supplements (Memo Effect brain tonic)


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