The turbo drive for your memory - so you can better remember.

Product not yet available. This product is still in the clinical testing.
Discover every day the energy in your head! Memo Effect® - powerful and unique formula for mental energy, memory and concentration. Memo Effect® is a brain tonic that increases the memory, improves concentration and learning ability and reduces stress and fatigue. Memo Effect® is one of the few products that contains 7 active ingredients in combination with essential vitamins and minerals.

Memo-Effekt® for
● a better memory
● more concentration
● more mental energy
● relaxation with anti-stress effects
● better learning and concentration ability


30 ml tonic: Ginkgoextrakt: 300 mg TE, Sojalecithinpulver: 2700 mg TE, Vitamin B1: 1,41 mg, Vitamin B2: 1,605 mg, Vitamin B6: 2,01 mg, Vitamin B12: 0,00101 mg, Biotin: 0,15 mg, Nicotinamid: 18 mg, Calcium D-Pantothenat: 6 mg, Folsäure: 0,24 mg, Vitamin E: 10,5 mg, Vitamin Q10: 40,5 mg, Weinrebenextrakt: 750 mg TE, Ginsengwurzelextrakt: 750 mg, Kaliumsorbat: 60 mg, Zuckercouleur: 750 mg, Ethanol 16% m/m: 6262,05 mg, Nussaromapulver: 30 mg, Vollmilch Schokopulver: 30 mg

2 x daily 1 tablespoon (equivalent 10x15 ml) after meals Memo effect Tonic is not intended as a substitute for a balanced, varied nutrition. Package: Bottle 250 ml


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