Arnidol® Gel Stick

The natural magic stick for your child's knocks and bumps
Arnidol Story: “Once upon a time there was an intrepid explorer. With each knock and bump, his good fairy would quickly appear. And with a wave of her magic Arnidol Stick, he would smile ear to ear.”

Arnidol Gel Stick, have a natural formula based on arnica and devil’s claw. It cools, desinfected and calmes the skin, taking the 'ouch' out of children's knocks and bumps.
The “magic” Arnidol Gel Stick provide your child a feeling of wellbeing.

Arnica: Arnica is a plant found in central and southern Europe. It has yellow flowers, which are what give the plant its important properties for the skin. Arnica smoothes, soothes and cools the skin.
Devil's claw: This plant is native to South Africa. It has opposing leaves and tubular flowers in bright red and purple, and its fruit is a woody capsule. The most important part of the plant is the root, which relieves pain and comforts.

For light knocks use Arnidol Gel Stick on unbroken skin, gently rubbing in circles over the affected area. You can apply it as often as necessary, but do not use on broken skin, avoid contact with the eyes and don’t let children put it in their mouths.
Arnidol can be use for childs up to 6 months.
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